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Bernadine Merker, Psychotherapist and Licensed Social Worker, provides counseling for adults and children in the Denver area

I am a Psychotherapist who specializes in assessing and treating adults, adolescents, and children (age ten and up) who are going through difficult times due to situational stressors, and psychological and or medical disorders. I have Master’s in Education from Long Island University and a Master’s in Social Work from Arizona State University. I continue to keep abreast of research on treatment best practices so that I can best help my clients.

I am proud to have built a solid reputation in the Denver community for helping people flourish, thrive, and reach their goals. I focus on helping people strengthen their sense of self esteem; build coping skills and let go of loss and painful experiences by using techniques that are best suited for each individual. I believe that we often are undermined by belief systems and messages learned in childhood that are not useful or accurate. I use, among other techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients “unlearn” old messages and replace them with new messages and behaviors that promote change and growth.

The most important thing you need to start you on your journey is an awareness that you no longer feel good about where you are and you feel ready to reach out for help to change your life. Knowing where you want to go, setting goals, and connecting with the right resources make all the difference in the world.

  • Counseling

  • I work extensively with children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD and concurrent conditions of learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, and bi polar disorder. I also provide counseling for situational conditions, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and couples and family issues.
  • Education

  • One of my major areas of interest is managing anxiety. I worked with colleague Allison Rimland LPC, to develop Conquering Anxiety, an eight-week educational course that has received great kudos from participants and mental health professionals.
  • Case Management Consultation

  • I have extensive supervisory and direct experience in Case Management. I am available to provide services to individuals and families that need consultation for care issues.

Counseling for depression, anxiety, ADHD, couples, and more
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